Fine Art Print Original Mixed Media Collage Star Goddess Lightening Strike Moth Magic

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Fine Art Print Sizes available:

9”x 12"
11” x 14"
24" x 30” fine art canvas wrap

- Design contains white 1/4" border
- Giclee

The potential consequences of a lightning strike ⚡️

’Struck' is something like falling hard and opening wide. Emotions running wild. La Corazon opening up and beating to something with equal parts of lightness and depth. I hear lightening strike situations are both painful and exhilarating, with the potential to blow shoes off feet and leave its initiate with a white stripe above the ear. I never did like wearing shoes while dancing and I’m into dark/light contrast. Strike me ⚡️🌺⚡️🌊

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24”x 30” contemporary painted paper collage. This is a mixed media piece that includes hand painted papers and acrylics gorgeous texture and vibrant hues!

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