Art to take a mental stroll with.

Noelle, born in 1977 in Fresno, California, cultivated her artistic vision amid the industrial landscape of downtown Fresno. Drawing from childhood experiences at her father's auto repair shop, she transformed discarded car parts into an imaginative paradise through carpenters chalk drawings. Despite leaving Fresno at eighteen, Noelle carried her imaginative world with her, capturing the nuances of cultural collisions in her work.Currently based at Scarab Creative Arts in Fresno, CA, Noelle's artistic exploration encompasses fluvial imagery, botanical studies in watercolor painting, paper-cut collage practices, and the expressive use of encaustic medium. Through the interplay of wax, water, and diverse human narratives, Noelle weaves a vibrant tapestry of color and form, conveying the beauty and complexities of human nature. With a rich exhibition history, including showcases at Radius Gallery, The Art Cave, The Art League of Santa Cruz County, Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery, and Arte Americas, Noelle holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Writing from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. Engage with Noelle's artistry and witness the fusion of texture, pattern, and unusual narrative elements in her captivating works.

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